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Customer review from Colin Vinion

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Colin Vinion
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Hi there, I've been using Newpowa solar panels for two years now and absolutely love the free energy and off grid ability provided by being a solar energy adapter. I was hoping to possibly find out more information from you on the brand ambassadors I see on your main page., And just how one would become one of those people.  Although I don't have a strong social media presence, I do have the gumption and desire to self-motivated and keep spreading the message of the awesome ability of solar to others, and I have a pretty uplifting backstory aswell.  Ya see, me and my wife ten years ago this upcoming June did the hardest thing imaginable, we kicked heroin right in the ass, after 8 years of addiction, pretty much from the time we were teens we did the Ohio thing and fell into Heroin through a variety of inconvenient and miniscule steps.  But ten years ago we decided we were done living that life and after being diagnosed with a form of disability because of early life TBI { traumatic brain injury} leading to absolute gos awful decision making and disjointed thought processes, we packed up and set off in a 2006 Prius to see the country and experience a different life.  Spending just a year on the road we learned so much, most of all was a Prius does not constitute a living space for a 6"3 man, his wife and a small Russel Terrier named Bobby we picked up along the way.  So after saving our pennies, learning some hard lessons and going through some unbelievably steep learning curves we've transitioned into our third and hopefully last camper, a 1998, 26 foot Fleetwood prowler that at first sight appears to be just moments from complete collapse.  But through sheet perserverence, amazinglyon strong love and an unquenchable thirst for better we have now, as we jokingly say turned this trap house into a trap home haha.  The interior is completely remodeled ourselves, after having no previous experience, we've redone the plumbing, wiring, floors, insulation and are now in the process of doong the windows.  We've converted tiny hallways into entertainment room extraordinare, we've turned a dingy dish put into a dice star kitchen ( my favorite as I cooked at a high class restaurant) and even converted the rotting filth of a crapper into a full bath bathroom with a new magicflush toilet that is just devine on ones derriere.  But all of this achievement, every single thing we've accomplishe, every huge improvement to every tint fastening screw that we've places all started with the first purchase of our very own Newpowa solar panel.  

We honest to God couldn't have done it without the power provided by these panels and after three generators in two years I couldn't take the noise, smell, cost and overall disgust of owning a Genny and I never would have made it work without the quiet, always there power of Newpowa solar panels.

Even as I write this to you now my wife is currently curled up with our pup in our 12v heating blanket, drinking her Hot Cocoa from our Keurig and watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on her tablet.  All of which are currently not only powered, but easily so with our simple and undeniably great solar panels from you, Newpowa.

Now I am not trying to weasle out some free panels, although we have been thinking about doubling up our current capacity to justbunder 2000 watts, I just figured why not see if a fellow Ohioan would like to rip my story and maybe grab some free reddit Karma and maybe snag some of that sweet sweet PR that drives sales and brings in Boku bucks right before winter.  And hey, Maybe a cool little (hehe) company like Newpowa would throw a solar panel or two our way out of the kindness of their hearts.

Nah but for real, you guys have changed our lives for the better and I wanted to give you the full opportunity to glom whatever good Karma or positive vibes or good publicity you want from us if it sounds good to you, I figured that especially now right before Christmas you could use a little food tidings from a grateful customer and hey, of you did want to run with it and make me an ambassador, or whatever the term is you jse I'd be honored to keep on spreading the good word of the awesome power of Newpowa.  

Anyway, this old fool has rambled far too long and spent waaaaaayyy too much time showering you with much deserved praise, I've almost forgot to squeegee off the panels this morning.  Thanks for taking the time to read my message, understanding what I've had told say and hopefully appreciating just what you company has made possible for me and my wife.  You have my greatest adoration and respect and hopefully you will continue to provide others the same chance that you gave to us, as they say in Narcotics Anonymous " There is a way, a New Way" and that what you gave us, a new way.

With all the thanks in the world

-  Colin & Jen

700w Monocrystalline 7x100
12v system w/ 37 amps peak charging 
4200 watt PSW inverter
770Ah SLA battery
42 States visited
22 National / State Parks 
4 cars, 3 campers, 2 ATVs, one electrica skate board lost , destroyed or gone
9,800 miles
9 years, 4 months of no Heroin
One truly amazing life

Please forgive the mulitiude of grammatical, syntax and spelling errors, I may have a TBI so as I tell folks "Sometimes my brain, she no work so good" 
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